Field Report : KO6 Uzbekistan model @ Overtime

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Place/地点: Overtime

Name/名字: K06

Race: Uzbekistan

Age/岁: late 1X

Language : English like europe style

Body/身材:4/5 Chubby girl

Boobies : 4/5

Service : 3/5 maybe i too shy cos her eyes very beautiful.

Hygiene : 4/5 normal



Girlfriend/女友:5/5 This beauty is an experience you just shouldn’t rush. She is a lady that love to explore your body and for you to explore her womanly natural curves and find her hidden depths of passion. You will not be disappointed as she go like strawberries and cream…… FJ/做爱:5/5 maybe i too shy to offer her but fuck her is different matter, god too nice!

Service Provider : Overtime

Location : Permaisuri Imperial Mall Area, Miri.

Contacts : +6016 - 344 4453

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